Hello everyone!

My name is Ravit and I am the founder and owner of hilulim kosher restaurant.
I opened hilulim in September 2014 -  it was a real dream come true.
For many years I had dreamt to have my own restaurant .

I love to cook and be culinarily creative. I love to see people who eat and enjoy their meal. For me it was just obvious that hospitality would be part of my life. At home, we use to spend much time in the kitchen and host lots of people. For me to carry on with my families traditional food, is something special. Since my father from Yemen, and my mum from Persia, our food at home was always so colourful and full of flavours. My heritage, as well as the fact that I lived in Israel for most of my life influenced so many different cooking cousins, that I love so much to try and combine when I'm cooking.

When the time to open my own restaurant had come I was looking for a special venue. I didn't think cheap- I wanted a big place, where people can eat comfortably. I wanted to create a space for people to go out and enjoy good food with a great vibe, nice authentic decor, and really great service.

As life throws us challenges and we need to adapt, I had to undergo changes from time to time. I wish I could avoid them, but at the end I know that no matter what, as long as you are true to yourself and believe in what you do, as long as you try the best you can, things will fall into place in the right time and in the right order. What can I say? I am happy and have my pride, knowing what I do is making people happy through food. My food is comfort food, it is food that brings memories, it is food that bring happiness. When I cook I think of the people who will eat it, and having try make sure it's delicious as always.
This kind of interaction between me, the food I cook and the people who eat it, creates an intimate relationship. It is so amazing to have this kind of connection. I simply love it. I hope to be able to continue to deliver the best I can, so you can have the best you need and want.

Love from Ravit.